Using Technology to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Improving Hospital to Patient Satisfaction is not a simple task, as there are a wide variety of healthcare professionals who interact with patients to provide their care. Even the most highly-trained healthcare workers won’t be able to improve their patient satisfaction ratings unless they are offered the right tools to do so. EASE, or the Electronic Access to Surgical Events, is one such application.

Keep in Touch With Family

Family members just want to stay informed about their loved ones’ conditions, but it can be difficult to encourage this kind of family interaction without impeding upon healthcare professionals’ ability to provide exceptional care. It allows doctors and nurses to open an easy-to-use interface by simply scanning their patients’ medical bracelets, then send text messages, pictures, or short videos to family members waiting to hear from their loved ones. This improves Hospital to Patient Satisfaction during operations and important procedures when family members are not allowed to be present by keeping them informed without requiring an extra hand on-deck to check on them.

HIPPA Compliance

HIPPA was designed to protect patient confidentiality, and as such, it is taken extremely seriously in the medical world. That’s why EASE was designed with compliance in mind. It allows the medical professionals responsible for a patient’s care to send secure texts, photos, and videos to families and the patients themselves that disappear after being viewed to ensure that the patient’s confidentiality is not breached.

Improve Efficiency

It can be difficult to balance Doctor to Patient Satisfaction with efficiency of care, especially in a hospital environment where hundreds or even thousands of patients are treated on a daily basis. With today’s technologies, improved patient satisfaction doesn’t have to come at the expense of decreased efficiency. Doctors and nurses can still focus on providing exceptional care and can simply take a few moments of their time to keep patients and their families informed.

Save Time

The EASE application was specifically designed to save nurses and doctors time while simultaneously improving their interactions with patients. After all, while there are some types of information that are best conveyed in person, many of the updates patients and their families need to feel involved in the care process can be much more easily and quickly delivered via text message.

Get More Feedback

Things like Nurse to Patient Satisfaction can be difficult to measure objectively. However, EASE comes with patient surveys that are specifically designed to solicit direct feedback from users. This allows healthcare professionals to identify any obstacles to patient satisfaction and develop a better process for ensuring satisfactory outcomes, giving patients a voice and giving hospitals a valuable opportunity to further improve their services.


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